Photo Credit: Richard Tommy Campion “Old Church NSW” Copyright RTC.

A house divided cannot stand.

I finished my 2016 Christmas Reflection  with this

“Christmas Day surrounded by beauty the last of the Carols echoes, the season’s decorations’ smiling families, the sumptuous, richness of the facade.Perhaps colour shines through a Stained glass window.

Perhaps CKA was a man in tears on this Christmas morning. Evidence states he “may have” been Shouting.

No doubt he was distressed and stood very much alone watching as the Dean of the Cathedral in all his finery turns his back and walks away”

Today some of our Institutional members will be in Robes and Preaching, some robed, others simply preaching in civvies.

Those of us outside the walls have a holiday or work or carry on regardless.

Here are some of the reactions from Survivors to Easter.


Easter is not a good time for many it’s just another day now

You aren’t the evil one – they are, as you did nothing wrong.

I have to tell you straight! Mate, you’ve gotta let it go, let it all go because when you get down the baskets of pure evil continue to win….and laugh at your pain.

And who is it we are supposed to ‘tell’ when some of us have ‘told’ many times over the years? Not only ‘told’ it but have yelled & screamed it, have pleaded with them to help. They never listened back then, they still do not listen & they still do not do anything.

Glen F

Its so hard to be a father or r just to be me

When I’m so consumed with anger

Living life with PTSD

I’ve given so much

To make what’s wrong right

If it costs me my life

I’ll never surrender the fight

So many children

To many have died

I could fill up a dam

With the tears that have cried

Glen F

A House divided cannot Stand

A group member shared this with me.

And the light does shine. Always has. Always will. I love a line from Leonard cohen “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. If only the church hierarchy could understand this, and allow the light to get in rather than being in denial.


A house divided cannot stand.

When I was confirmed as an Anglican in the 1970s  it never occurred to me that forty years later I would be writing this piece.

Today you celebrate a festival that in its metaphorical images talk about love light truth peace and Joy.

Witnesses to the Royal Commission spoke of darkness lies corruption conflict and profound sorrow.

A house divided cannot stand!


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