Picture Credit ” Gold Coast Series” Richard Tommy Campion.

Survivor members who have been in the “storm” of Public and Private hearings require sensitivity in regards the use of Ecclesiastical language.

The history of the Royal Commission, testimony in CS50 through CS57  show us theology and ecclesiastical language, used as a “weapon of control and power” is a potent force in the “silencing” of victim/survivors. Expert witnesses gave testimony in regard to the Theological causes of Institutional abuse. Hours of transcription are currently being analysed for final findings and policy development.

Simple Guidelines

Originally Group Guidelines were too “diffuse” unread or not accurately stated

Positive and uplifting insights images music and ideas are welcome to be posted.

If the discussion is in the ” hot zone ”  comments should be from your own viewpoint especially surrounding Justice concepts taken from your own experiential view or opinion. Strong opinions are welcome. This is not shutting down discussion but allowing that strong opinions especially from Survivors need respect and compassion.

Justice concepts are an extreme “hot” zone in regard to Royal Commission “issues”.

Having to argue in regard to Justice topics: ( eg Defrocking/ license suspension ) (restorative justice initiatives) ( public Interest State Trials) and other Justice issues can be exhausting for Survivors.

Opinion and discussion are vital but with the understanding that the strong opinions held within the group are valid for each person.

The group has been made closed to avoid the “vigilante extreme retributive justice wave of opinion in some other Royal Commission sites”. Survivors in this group will/may have different views as to Justice issues. Survivors hold strong opinions in these areas.

These opinions need to be validated and respected.

For Institutional Members 

” I believe” or, I think ” rather than “It is”  “you should”.

Walk with and together not upfront.

“No pulpits.”

Share a faith journey as it applies to your own experiential and spiritual experiences. Respect diversity of understanding and viewpoints.

No theological wars or “dogmatic pronouncing.”

Discuss spiritual, and theological conceptual frameworks compassionately, with sensitivity, the discussions coming from a place of equality with compassion are honoured and welcome.

We respect the fact that within institutions many great people exist who are on side with the goals of the Royal Commission and dedicated to the cause of advocacy for Victim/Survivors.

We need to keep an atmosphere of safety in the group understanding each other’s positions and view without value judgements. We have Agnostic Anglican Atheist Buddhist Catholic Humanistic  Jewish Uniting Church, United Methodist,  Zen Buddhist, and other worldviews among our members.

Understand the issues surrounding sectarianism and ecumenicalism so when referring to other institutions avoid demeaning comparisons in regards theological standpoints or sectarian language that could alienate. Institutional members should use caution in this regard.

compassion …… to all caught in the storm of the royal commission

image attrib “Gold Coast Series” Richard Tommy Campion  Copyright RTC.

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