AB Freier’s spinner or Media Officer needs some hasty education in transformation Renewal and Facing the Past Building a Healthy Future.

For those following the Royal Commission, this Press release speaks volumes

Dr Freier said his prayers and those of the Church were with Roger Herft and his family, the clergy and people of the dioceses of Perth and Newcastle, and all those affected by clergy sexual abuse.”  (1)

The order of prayers is such a wonderful example of the “unconscious bias” that seems to be affecting the Church. Sadly these were Philip Freire’s own words quoted.

Interestingly sources say Senior Leader Herft is moving to Melbourne after his “retirement” due to his performance in the Hot Zone of the Royal Commission.

Advocates survivors and many sympathetic allies within the Houses of Laity and Clergy will be lobbying hard to make sure Herft is placed immediately on the National Register after Final Findings are released into case Study 42. This should effectively de-license him until new Statutes are written to commence Deposition Hearings.

For those interested in the cross-examination of Roger Herft by His Honour Justice Peter McLelland and SC Naomi Sharpe, the transcripts are part of CS 42 the Anglican Church Case Study available from the Royal Commission website. (2).

For those interested in the cross-examination of Philip Freir by His Honour Justice Peter McLelland, the transcripts are part of CS 52 the Anglican Church Systemic Case Study.(3)

The spectres of State Charges for complicity in Case Study Forty Two ( Leader R Herft Leader Appelby amd Leader Holland )  hang slowly in the wind which can have a bitter chill like the chill that went down a few Leaders spines when they observed their collegiate Senior Leaders carefully scripted Defence strategy in the Box quitely demolished, as the rumble of  a freight train of forensic cross examination and public disdain roared down the tracks.

Next Leader to be put through some PR examination is …………  who in their Synod Statement Church Media  Article and Sermons attempted to do damage control by avoiding the issue … stay tuned on that one as the timing of those revelations are dependent on some other matters that are hidden in the dust raised in the aftermath of the Newcastle revelations that may never see the light of day or be revealed publicly.

The Diocese of Antarctica is currently needing a number of Leaders. Sounds like a great place for some selected …. to chill for a bit.


Picture Credit Richard Tommy Campion. Antarctica Series. “Icebreaker”.

Top Image under Cartoon. “Gold Coast Series” Richard Tommy Campion.


Primate Philip Freier’s  Press Release.


compassion for all caught in the storm of the Royal Commission.



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