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On a Sunday 8 am mass in 2013 a member of the Professional Standards Board a Registered Clinician in the State of WA stated ” Frank is my Parish Priest and he has a right to a defence. Two hours of a mans life should not cost him his career, he only met the victim once for two hours. 

“I am sorry what happened “( referring to another case not Sheehan/ Hutchinson)  …… “back then we didnt know what we were doing.”

I replied ” This will not go away and it does not end here. I have always kept going and this is not over.”

This was after being asked to leave a Mass in a Church as I may ” shout out something in protest” Fr Sheehan was said to have had a ” difficult week” and does not deserve to be “challenged”.

This person had a direct conflict of interest and remains on a Professional Standards Board.

From Perth Now Article

As reported in The Sunday Times, a former Christ Church Grammar School student last week told the court he had been sexually abused by Mr Hutchinson and had told the school’s chaplain and director of ethics Frank Sheehan.

The former student alleged Canon Sheehan told him to “forget about it and put it behind me and … that I need to get on with my life”.

Mr Sheehan is expected to be called as a xxxxxx witness later this week.

Sheehan’s response as written in consultation with Media PR Firm

OVER recent days I have found myself the subject of claims in media reports about the trial of a former teacher.
Given my role as a provider of pastoral care, and the need to maintain the trust of the community whom I serve, I feel compelled to set the record straight.
In 1991, the father of a man who was a former student of the School contacted me. He spoke to me about concerns a former music teacher, Lindsay Hutchinson, had abused his son.
The father told me of another former student who, like his son, had also been assaulted by Hutchinson more than five years before. I will not name the father because in doing so I would identify his son who rightly deserves to have his privacy protected.
The father was, in effect, acting as an advocate for both his son and this other former student, seeking to have Lindsay Hutchinson prosecuted for his abhorrent behaviour.
I fully supported the efforts to expose Hutchinson, and the father asked me to meet with this second former student. I understood the specific purpose of my meeting with the young man was to provide pastoral care in the sure knowledge that others were acting to ensure the perpetrator was rightly brought to justice.
At the time, the young man was in his early 20s and I met with him at my home, rather than my office, specifically to protect his privacy. My wife was upstairs at the time. It is this man who has brought the case against Lindsay Hutchinson, which resulted in the convictions today.
During the meeting it was obvious that he was in great mental anguish and understandably, extremely angry about his treatment by Hutchinson.
My firm recollection is telling him first and foremost that I believed he was telling the truth and reassuring him that he had done the right thing in speaking out.
I was especially conscious of the need to offer a listening ear and do whatever I could to help this stricken young man regain his dignity and sense of worth.
We talked about the fact that, given the horrific nature of his ordeal, his mental recovery would take time and I anticipated the need to be available to provide ongoing support.
At no time did I ever say or infer that he should forget about what had occurred to him.
On the contrary, I noted that he had shown great courage in speaking out about his ordeal. The meeting ended with the young man thanking me for listening to him and we discussed talking again soon.
I had a phone number by which to set up another meeting but despite repeated attempts thereafter, I was unable to speak again to the young man.
Over the next two months, I made repeated attempts to call the number with no success. Attempts via other avenues also failed to draw any response.
Throughout this period, it was my understanding that the father of the other former student was in discussion with police so as to actively expose Lindsay Hutchinson for his disgraceful crimes. I was prepared to support the victim in any way.
That was all I heard of the matter until three years ago, when the police came to see me and asked for my assistance in their investigation of complaints made by this former student about Lindsay Hutchinson.
I provided every assistance possible to police and was willing to be called as a prosecution witness.
My heart goes out to the man at the centre of this terrible ordeal and any other former students who suffered. They rightly deserve our every support and sympathy.
I had hoped to be provided the opportunity to confirm my discussion with the victim in 1991 as a prosecution witness during the trial of Lindsay Hutchinson. Despite my willingness to appear, I was not called to give evidence.
My life over these past 28 years has been dedicated to the pastoral care of students and the wider community, and I am anxious to ensure that others will accept that I speak only out of a desire to protect the integrity of my role, in order to be allowed the privilege of continuing to serve.
The sexual abuse of vulnerable people by those in authority is something I abhor. I have never and will never hesitate to actively assist in providing support to victims in exposing such horrible crimes.
Canon Frank Sheehan

Originally published as Canon Frank Sheehan responds to claims

christ church


Hutchinson. Music Teacher.

Teacher jailed for 12 years for sex offences

Natasha Boddy, The West Australian April 19, 2013, 12:34 pm

A former music teacher at an exclusive boys school has been jailed for 12 years for the perverted and depraved sexual abuse of a teenage student thirty years ago.

Lindsay William Hutchinson will have to serve at least 10 years behind bars after he was sentenced this morning for 15 offences relating to the sexual abuse of a teenage student in the 1980s.

The victim, who was a student of Hutchinson’s at Christ Church Grammar School, cried and hugged family and his supporters after the sentence was handed down.

He declined to comment as he left court this morning.

Hutchinson was the music teacher at Christ Church Grammar School from 1981 to 1985 and an organist at St George’s Cathedral.

The District Court was told the victim was sexually abused as a 13 and 14-year-old schoolboy on a school camp, country hotel rooms on music tours, the St George Deanery and Hutchinson’s own home.

District Court Judge Patrick O’Neal said the offences, which had included violent rapes and oral sex, showed a “high degree of perversion and depravity” and Hutchinson deliberately chose to work at boys’ schools so he could sexually abuse boys.

Judge O’Neal said Hutchinson’s offending was brazen, premeditated and involved a breach of trust.

He also said Hutchinson facilitated opportunities to be alone with the boy he wanted to abuse.

During sentencing submissions this morning, State prosecutor David Davidson argued Hutchinson sexually abused the victim with no remorse and for his own sexual gratification.

Defence lawyer Mara Barone said it was accepted Hutchinson was in a position of trust and authority when he sexually abused the victim.

“This is a grave, serious and repeated breach of trust,” she said.

She said a psychiatric report found Hutchinson was at a “low to moderate risk of reoffending” but Judge O’Neal rejected this, saying he believed the risk was far higher.

Ms Barone argued the court should impose a sentence which would take into account that prison would be slightly more onerous for Hutchinson because his family was in Victoria and because of his age.

The court was told Hutchinson abused a schoolboy while working at a British school in England’s north and that he was convicted in the 1990s of molesting a male student in South Australia.

Music teacher guilty of raping young teen

  • Kaitlyn Offer
  • PerthNow
  • February 14, 2013 8:27PM

A FORMER Christ Church Grammar School teacher has been found guilty of the repeated sexual abuse of a teenage student more than two decades ago.

It took a District Court jury today four hours to convict Lindsay William Hutchinson, 63, of the sexual abuse crimes, including rape, from 1983 to December 1985.

Hutchinson, a former music director at the prestigious school, was charged with six counts of carnal knowledge against nature, six charges of indecently dealing with a child, and three charges of unlawful and indecent assaulting a young student at the school between 1983 and 1985.

He had initially pleaded guilty to some of the charges but denied the more serious allegations of rape and oral sex with the teenager, which happened on school camps, on school grounds, in St George’s Cathedral deanery in Perth and Hutchinson’s home at the time.

During the trial, Hutchinson admitted he sexually abused the victim to gain the “experience” but repeatedly denied he had intercourse.

He told the court his first sexual contact with the victim was at a music rehearsal camp in 1984 when he walked from the cottage he was staying in – with his wife and baby daughter – to the dormitory where the boy was asleep on a bunk bed, where he masturbated him.

Hutchinson said he left the room and came back 40 minutes later to do the same, before carrying the boy to a staff bedroom where he again masturbated him before taking him back to his bed in the dormitory.

He admitted to also masturbating the boy on the second night of the camp but denied doing any other sexual acts.

When asked by his lawyer Mara Barone why he abused the boy, he said he “found him sexually appealing”.

The victim told the court last week he did not know how to stop the man’s abuse.

“I didn’t know what to do,” he said.

The victim, flanked by his wife, parents and supporters, was in court to hear the verdict this afternoon.

Hutchinson is due to be sentenced on April 5.

Featured paragraphs from Journalist Emily Moultons Report for The Sunday Times 13 April 2013.

The fact Hutchinson went on to abuse another boy after he left Perth is something that troubles his WA victim, more so because when he was 21 he finally found the courage to reveal his ordeal to Christ Church Grammar Schools chaplain Canon Frank Sheehan in 1991, a few years before (the Adelaide incident).

The man and another former student who was also allegedly abused by Hutchinson, and that boys father, approached the school with their claims. But no action was taken by Christ Church.

Canon Sheehan has said that he thought the other boy’s father was pursuing the matter with police to expose Hutchinson.

But the WA victim believes Cann Sheehan, who he claimed during the trial told him to “forget about what happened”- which Canon Sheehan denies – should have done something

He believes it could have prevented the Adelaide boy from being abused.

He also questioned why Hutchinson was able to move from each school without raising a red flag.


“No Action has been taken either by the School or the Diocese to investigate further these allegations in regard to F Sheehans failure to report these matters either to the CCGS School Board, the Police or the Diocese. The school instead chose to believe Canon Sheehans denials. The possibility exists that if the School had taken action against Canon Sheehan choosing to validate and believe the survivors testimony to the District Court made in sworn evidence the Insurance policy that covered the School would have been invalidated and the school itself would have had to use its own Trust Funds to pay any claims. At the same time no action has been taken by the DIocese or the Professional Standards Board to examine these claims or the risk factors that F Sheehan presents. F Sheehan is still in active Ministry and no sanction has been made. “



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  1. On any other day one would think they were reading fiction, so banal (to use that in the same sense as Hannah Arendt) it beggars belief, well almost.


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