Picture Credit:  Richard Tommy Campion.

Wilson Case Day 1

Systemic Opinion

( On the Systemic Defences of the Institutions)

It seems the institutions have at their core a self-replicating gene that signals a defensive response every time their reputation is attacked and buffeted in the Cyclone of devastation when Survivors and their legal advocates together with the Media and the tsunami of Public opinion ,threaten the bedrock foundations of their  house of straw.

The Legal Advocates, the PR spinners with the bucket loads of Institutional wealth propping up their desiccated primordial toxic sludge of defensiveness produces a bacterium  slime mould of dirty tactics that display  an absolute cynicism and contempt for the public and any skerrick of ethics  or morality.

Every dirty rotten trick that a gold-toothed rat faced Legal Attorney can scrape from the bottom of a toxic barrel of dissimulation minimisation avoidance and outright misrepresentations of the truth  can be used, all in the defence of their particular brand of Religion.

The Business as Usual approach by the Institutions, lip service and a quick dodgy paint job and bogged up panel beating does not hide the fact that the Vehicle is a virtual write off.

After four years of the Royal Commission a mountain of evidence 6000 Private Testimonies, 1000 Witness statements, thousands of hours of transcripts, years of research the institutions when threatened  go back to status quo ante.

They have learnt bloody nothing. What they have learnt is the best possible ways of minimisation deflection and avoidance.

Concepts such as Truth Justice compassion for victims come last. What comes first is a Titanic struggle to protect at all costs the reputation of the Churches, they’re scarred battle weary complicit Leaders with  the complicit Laity that allowed the Systemic Abuse of Generations of Children to be ignored.


Personal Opinion on the Revelation of New Medical Evidence on the First Day of a Trial into Charges of  “Failure to Report Knowledge of Child Sexual Abuse to the NSW Police” Sec 316A 316B Crimes Act NSW. AB Philip Wilson Archbishop of Adelaide.

At the Risk of Sub Judice, all I can say is that for many Survivors the Medical diagnosis of AB Wilson in its timing and its eleventh-hour presentation at the doors of the Court give the appearance of a massive failure in Public relations and honest open communication.

The eleventh hour contested Medical evidence in regard to Capacity of witnesses could be seen to be problematic.

AB Wilson’s Guilt or innocence is up to the Magistrate  to make a  fair verdict or if the Medical evidence is compelling then he may have to discontinue the matter.

Sadly Day One was for  many Survivors across Australia  difficult traumatising and bitter.


Newcastle Herald “The Alzheimers working diagnosis on the eve of a Landmark Catholic Church Trial. Joanne McCarthy. NH Herald

9 News     Archbishop Philip Wilson fails to front child sex abuse concealing trial

ABC ONLINE  Philip Wilson: Adelaide Archbishop accused of covering up child sexual abuse has trial delayed


.            OPINION of AUTHOR Richie JS.


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