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Everyone can demand that every Anglican minister must be held accountable via Title D for any abuse, any coverup of abuse, any enabling of abuse and any silencing of abuse survivors.Anything less is a betrayal of the Gospel to which we are called to be witnesses.The challenge now is: what are you going to do about it?

A Chaplain an Elite School a Timeline and an Ethics Centre. WA DOP Hutchinson Trial. Systemic. Anglican.

"No Action has been taken either by the School or the Diocese to investigate further these allegations in regard to F Sheehans failure to report these matters either to the CCGS School Board, the Police or the Diocese. The school instead chose to believe Canon Sheehans denials. The possibility exists that if the School had taken action against Canon Sheehan choosing to validate and believe the survivors testimony to the District Court made in sworn evidence the Insurance policy that covered the School would have been invalidated and the school itself would have had to use its own Trust Funds to pay any claims. At the same time no action has been taken by the DIocese or the Professional Standards Board to examine these claims or the risk factors that F Sheehan presents. F Sheehan is still in active Ministry and no sanction has been made. "

“The New Scapegoats” Muriel Porter. Review: Possibly Defamatory “Toxic Sludge” that needs to be refuted. “Do not buy this book”

Do Not Buy This Book.

"Toxic sludge", the possibly defamatory exegesis of an "obscurantist denialist" who uses obvious proveable "fake" arguments , self-protecting "smoke screens" in an  attempt to undermine national Professional Standards Legislation.  Ms Porter refights old prosecutions in the light of a bias against so-called "New Puritans". Heavily slanted  "biased" arguments in  defence of K Slater and other Clergy from Defrocking and other sentences from Professional Standards Investigations.

Guest Author XYZ. Reflection on UTAS. Calls for University of Tasmania to act and kick sex offender from PhD studies

I wonder if this article is enough to generate any interest. I wonder if this is close enough to home. I wonder if we all might be brought closer together in the pursuit of true justice. I am not asking for your brief outrage; I am asking for your willingness to continue to learn and make efforts to understand.

020217 Implications of the Appellate Decision into CS3 North Coast Children’s Home Diocese of Grafton findings used as Evidence in Canon Law Professional Standards Statute 2004 Discipline Removal of “Holy Orders” K Slater. Archival Opinion Post

This article was written as part of a hearts and minds campaign and was aimed at a group of readers within the Institutions. I hope to rewrite this article using the strongest possible arguments s we try again to Depose Slater and Combden from Holy Orders subject to internal appeals.

It was written during active Royal Commission hearings and now the Royal Commission is Finalised it is time again to prosecute fully Slater and Combden and fight against the denialist minimisers and their growing faction including Muriel Porter and acolytes within National Synod who attempted to water down Statutes in regards deposition trials.

Issue: Prayers for The People. Recognition of Victims/ Families/Community effected when Bishop under Preliminary Adverse Findings

Again this shows that Resignation rather than early retirement avoids the difficulties Liturgically that an early retirement created.

My understanding was that after an early Retirement during the Prayers for the People that Prayers are said for The Administrator rather than the early retired Bishop.

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Episcopal Standards AB Aspinall CS 52 Complaints Conflicts of Interest gaining uniform agreement.

One key issue is that - there is quite a body of feeling in the church that bishops must be held accountable by a body external to their own diocese; the accountability
has to be held that way, cause most of the key people within a diocese are either personally known to the bishop, so there are conflicts of interest or have been appointed by the bishop, so there are conflicts of interest. So there needs to be an external body.